AEL Tooling Ltd is a technical distributor of industrial cutting tools.  Our aim is to provide the best tooling solutions for our customers machining applications enabling them to achieve the maximum potential in terms of productivity and tool performance.

We provide advice on not only what tool to use, but also what cutting data will work best given the environment it is used in.  This can be done either in isolation via email or telephone, or in person at your premises, and on your shop floor where it counts.

We can also arrange for technical engineers from our partner suppliers to visit you and demonstrate and/or apply the tooling to achieve the best results.

We can also provide catalogues and downloadable software to assist in the selection and implementation of the products we sell.

This support is free, we do not add on costs for any help or advice we give, and at the same time we offer competitive prices for all the tooling we sell.

If you are happy not to receive any technical advice or support and would just prefer to purchase tooling, then please contact us with your requirements or enquiries.

We are committed to all our customers and have an excellent reputation for service and support.

Please see our Partner Suppliers page for further information.